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          • CAN-Bus Electronic Control

            For Vehicles & Earthmoving Machines

          • Mobile Cranes

            Load Moment Indicator Systems

          • Vehicles & Earthmoving Machines

            Multiplexed CAN-Bus Systems

          • Aerial Work Platforms & Fire Trucks

            Full Proportional Control and Basket Self-Levelling

          • Weighing Systems

            Forklift, Excavator and Front Loader

          • Boat Travel Lifts

            Load Moment and Safety Systems

          AVIONI® Electronic Technologies

          "Embedded magic"

          "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." (Arthur C. Clarke)

          Believing in the foregoing, AVIONI® provides OEMs and automotive equipment manufacturers operating in the automotive sector with electronic control technologies.The electronic systems we have designed and the software developed for them are specially produced for the vehicles and the working environment.The products we manufacture for our control systems are fully CE marked with FCC certifications past EMC tests.

          AVIONI® is not just a supplier, it can help you with all phases of your production processes (planning, design, development, prototype preparation, testing and production) and offers "Turnkey" projects.